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Tree & Stump Removal

Clear your property with tree and stump removal by Sweat Brothers Tree Service. Our licensed and insured tree service is available for all your tree surgery needs.
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The Importance of Removing Trees

While removing trees from your residence or commercial property may be an unpleasant necessity, there are times where it is necessary to protect people, other trees, or buildings. Trees that have suffered damage due to high winds, insects, or lightning strikes, or those that are nearing the end of their life expectancy, should be removed for safety's sake.
Our highly trained tree removal specialists help you determine the best plan of action depending on the condition of your trees. Our tree service trims or removes a variety of tree species, including:
• Ash Trees
• Pine Trees
• Elm Trees
• Evergreen Trees
• Oak Trees
• Sycamore Trees
• Cypress Trees
Other Services Available include:
• Cabling
• Grinding & Leveling
• Topping
• Lot Clearing
• Cavity Filling
• Treating & Feeding
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