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Stump Grinding & Wood Chipping

Eliminate unwanted wood with stump grinding and chipping services by Sweat Brothers Tree Service. These tree services help you work on your trees and shrubs, without leaving unsightly piles behind.
Stump, Tree Service in Norfolk, VA

Stump Grinding

It is important to remove your tree stump if you want to plant, landscape, replace a fence, or perform construction in that area. Termites love wood that is on top of and inside the ground. The stump will continue to grow and so will the roots, which can push up cement areas, house foundations, and other structures. Stump removal is also important to allow proper drainage.

Wood Chipping

Reduce large pieces of wood to manageable size with our wood chipping services. We help you get rid of tree waste on your property, especially removed trees and pruned limbs.
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